844-412-0882 (18444120882) ARE CALLS FOR DISABILITY BENEFITS

The number 844-412-0882 belongs to Trajector, a company offering disability benefits assistance. We use this number for client outreach and responding to inquiries. If our number shows up on your screen, it may be because you filled out one of their forms and expressed interest in receiving greater benefits. 

We do not ask for upfront payment and only take a small percentage of the benefits earned. If you missed us, no worries! Return the call at the same number (844-412-0882) to reach our live call center where a representative can answer your questions.

From Our Editor

For years, our organization has been committed to addressing the significant gap between those who qualify for aid and those who actually receive it. This disparity is driven, in part, by a need for more knowledge surrounding benefit eligibility and the application process. Over the years, our founder’s tireless efforts in supporting veterans have resulted in more than 250,000 individuals gaining access to the benefits they medically, legally, and ethically deserve.

We have assembled a team of experienced advisors from various legal and medical disciplines to ensure the highest level of expertise and guidance. These professionals specialize in areas such as VA and SSA benefits, enabling us to provide comprehensive assistance to those in need. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to empathy. 

In a legal landscape often fraught with confusion and complexity, we take the time to understand each individual’s unique circumstances. The scale and scope of our impact are thanks to the collective efforts of our dedicated team, hundreds of medical and legal professionals with the common goal of helping those in need.

Our ultimate dream is to expand our reach and impact, particularly within the veteran community. We envision a future where we can assist hundreds of thousands more veterans who have selflessly served our nation, ensuring they receive the benefits they may be unaware of or unsure how to claim. Additionally, we aim to extend our support to disabled workers, recognizing their vital contributions to our society and their challenges in navigating the benefits landscape.

From Our Clients

“Previous to Trajector I had experienced mixed results, inconsistencies, and barriers with VSO’s. Once I made the jump to Trajector, I got the tools from them to be far more effective.”
—Michael J.

“Very helpful. Always ready to answer any questions.”
—Frank R.

“I have sincerely enjoyed working with Trajector Medical group. They were able to help me when it seemed that no one else would.”
—Jeff C.