5.1 What You’ll Need to Apply


What you’ll need to apply for social security Disability?

If you are disabled, you may be wondering how to apply for Social Security Disability or SSI. However, before you apply, there are a number of things that you will need to have. The specifics will vary based on the individual, but in general you will need:

  • Your Social Security card, or another record of your Social Security number
  • Proof that you are a United States citizen, or that you have non-citizen status that is eligible for benefits
  • Proof of your age, such as your birth certificate
  • Information about where you live (lease or mortgage documents, landlord info, etc.)
  • Detailed information about your income and assets (pay stubs, checking account statements, insurance policies, details about any valuables you may own, etc.)
  • Account numbers for any checking, savings, credit union or loan accounts
  • All medical records and details related to your disability (telephone numbers, addresses, and names of clinics, hospitals, and doctors you’ve seen, diagnoses, etc.)

However, if you don’t have immediate access to these things, that is OK. We can help you to get any records you don’t readily have.

2 options when applying for SSI online

Once you’ve gathered the above information, you can begin your application. When you’re applying for SSI, you really have one of two options: either apply yourself or have someone help you with your application.

Because the majority of initial applications go on to be denied, you may benefit from having a disability advocate help you with the application process. At Trajector Disability (formerly Myler Disability), we have extensive experience with SSI applications, and we can help you to collect your information, assemble the application, and if an appeal is needed and your case qualifies, we’ll help with that as well.

So, if you’re still wondering how to apply for SSI, simply fill out the form on the right or call the number at the top of this page and our representatives will help you to better understand the process and to determine if you might be eligible to apply for benefits.

Author – Brad Myler