If you are disabled and unable to work, do you need an advocate to help you with the Social Security Disability application form? At Trajector Disability (formerly Myler Disability), our Social Security Disability and SSI advocates recommend that you file with the help of our office. Our expertise may help your chances of winning on your initial application.


Your application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits requires a lot of information about you and your disability. The more complete and accurate that application is, the better your chances of an approval.

    • Medical History
      The application requires a complete medical history so that the Social Security Administration (SSA) can have a full picture of your health.
    • Work history
      The type of work you have done will have an effect on determining disability. If all your work experience requires physical capabilities you no longer have, that is important for the examiners to know.
    • Education
      Your education level might indicate that you could qualify for less strenuous jobs that would not be affected by your disability.
    • Consultative medical exam
      The SSA will pay for a consultative exam, if appropriate. After you spend a few minutes with their doctor, the doctor will submit a report to Social Security about your disability.


Social Security Disability Insurance may give special consideration to your situation if you are over 50. They recognize that changing careers can be especially difficult depending on education, work experience, and the nature of your disability. If your Social Security Disability claim for benefits has been denied, contact the disability benefits denial advocates at Trajector Disability (formerly known as Myler Disability). Headquartered in Utah, Trajector Disability has a nationwide network of Social Security Disability advocates who have extensive experience pursuing Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI claims. We belong to the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR), and are dedicated to obtaining disability insurance and SSI benefits for genuinely disabled people. Wherever in the U.S. you live, Trajector Disability assures you of local, personal service in pursuing your Social Security Disability claim. For a free consultation call 1-801-855-8062 or send us an e-mail. We will respond within 24-48 hours.