Get curated Medical Evidence & Documentation to help share your Veteran disability journey.

Every Veteran’s service and medical disability journey is unique, and it matters to us that yours is heard!

At Trajector Medical, we curate medical evidence and documentation so that Veterans may completely and accurately share the details of their disability journey.

Along with their complete and personalized medical evidence packet, the Veterans we partner with pursue Veteran disability recognition with confidence.

Develop My Medical Evidence

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What disabilities do my symptoms indicate?

Great question. Symptoms and related disabilities are unique to everyone. Part of our journey together is a thorough investigation of your complete medical history and military service record to discover any symptoms that may be connected to a VA recognized disability.  

How do I know if my symptom is connected to my time in service?

Part of our discovery will capsulize a root cause if one is identified. Should a symptom possibly be service-connected, we’ll investigate a little further to identify if the symptom is direct, secondary, presumptive, or an aggravation.  

What sort of medical evidence is included in my packet?

This is one of the many areas our dedicated service team shines! Leveraging a comprehensive clinical database, the team supporting you will develop a personalized medical evidence packet that clearly documents the service connection, demonstrates the compensable severity, and further supports often overlooked and underrated disabilities when the evidence supports these factors. 

I don’t fully understand the medical evidence included in my packet.  How will I explain this to practitioners during my medical evaluation exam?

We understand. Heading into any medical exam can be stressful and intimidating. During our Exam Orientation Session, we’ll review relevant medical examination standards and how they relate to the symptoms you’re experiencing.  

Will Trajector file my VA Disability Claim?


Our service is dedicated to developing medical evidence to submit with your application to support the adjudication of your disability claim.

Will Trajector review the decision and rating I receive from the VA?


Part of the value we offer is the ability to review any decisions and ratings you are offered. While we cannot change the VA’s decision, we can review their reasoning to make sure that none of the evidence packet was overlooked.

Where applicable, we will call to your attention the evidence that was overlooked, missing, or was otherwise asked for that may warrant an appeal.

We are unable to develop additional evidence for an appeal – but can refer you to accredited claims attorney network to explore your case more.

Are there fees Trajector charges for Medical Evidence Development? 


Our Standard Fee is equivalent to …  

Five (5) times the total Increase in your total VA pay from today’s total monthly pay compared to the total you receive after a favorable VA rating decision.  

Will Trajector represent me in any appeal trials?


Our service is dedicated to developing medical evidence to submit with your claim application. We are not an accredited Veterans Service Organization (VSO), or licensed attorney and are not authorized to formally represent you.

We work with Veterans to develop medical evidence for disabilities they medically, legally, and ethically qualify for.