How to Appeal a
Denied Disability Claim

Did you know?

Most claims are denied at the initial level.
Don’t give up! Wherever you are in the disability claims process, there is a way forward. We can help.

Stages of Appeal

1: Reconsideration

A second opportunity to present your case to Disability Determination Services. Here you may provide new information or correct any errors that occurred in the initial application. (Available in most states). 

2: Administrative Law Judge Hearing

A third attempt to claim your disability benefits, this time at a live hearing in front of a judge. Review the SSA’s file on your case and submit new evidence. Explain to the judge why you are unable to work.  Claimants are most successful at the hearing level. Having legal representation improves chances greatly. 

3: Review of SSA decision

Being denied at an ALJ hearing may seem like the end of the road. But there are other options you can pursue. We can help you meet deadlines and present the most important information as you seek review of the ALJ decision. 

Want to win your case? 

If your claim has been denied,
get legal help to guide you through the appeals journey. 

Our Disability Advocates will:
• Correct errors
• Gather new evidence
• Submit your appeal on time
• Represent you at hearings or any stage of appeal

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