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If you have a disability and struggle to make ends meet, you may qualify for assistance in the form of SSI or SSDI Government benefits. Use this handy tool to check your eligibility.

Interactive Eligibility Tool


*This information is based on what data Social Security has made available for 2014 and reflects how much applicants have received in the past. It does not guarantee you will be approved or that you’ll receive the exact amount listed.



*If you don’t meet both the basic medical and technical criteria, you will likely not be found eligible. However each case depends on the culmination of many different factors and you may still qualify. If you want to explore your case further please contact your local Social Security office or an advocacy.


* You meet the technical criteria, however SSI & SSDI evidence cases depend on the strength of your medical records. If you want to explore your case further you may solicit a case review from you or from an advocacy.

8 Million Americans Qualify For Soc Sec Disability Benefits. Do You?