Including: Inflexible and maladaptive personality traits, causing significant impairment in social or occupational functioning.

In order to be granted Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, the personality disorders must be affecting the claimant to the point that he or she would not be able to do any kind of work. Consider if there are any jobs that this person could reasonably take on without needing additional help or special treatment from the employer. Medical treatment, especially from a psychologist or psychiatrist will be almost essential to any personality disorders claim for Social Security disability benefits or SSI.

When a disability claim for personality disorders is reviewed, Social Security will want to know if there are medically documented findings showing seclusiveness or autistic thinking, pathologically inappropriate suspiciousness or hostility, oddities of thought, perception speech and behavior, persistent disturbances of mood or affect, pathological dependence, passivity, agressivity, intense and unstable interpersonal relationships and impulsive and damaging behavior, marked restrictions of activities of daily living, difficulties maintaining social functioning, and difficulties in maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace. The more of these symptoms that are displayed, and the more severe, the higher the chances are of a social security disability or SSI claim being granted. Generally, personality disorders claims are not so severe that disability would be granted. But, personality disorders in combination with other disabilities can make for a strong claim.

As with any disability, your chances of being granted increase if you have consistent medical records of your condition. If you have not seen any doctors within a few months of your application, you may be sent to a doctor who will evaluate your condition. It is best to have your own doctor.

If you are not sure whether or not your claim would qualify for benefits, give us a call. It is always best to get an application in if you are unsure. Some people wait so long that they lose their eligibility for Social Security, and many lose months of benefits for waiting to apply.

The medical listings that describe the criteria for Personality Disorders are; 12.08 Personality Disorders – Adult.