You May Qualify For SSI

Brad Myler

If you are an elderly or disabled American you may qualify for a federal assistance program called SSI. SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income, and it is a program run by the Federal Government that provides financial assistance to elderly and disabled individuals. This program is funded by general tax revenues and not by social security taxes, so the payments are not based on a person’s prior work history.

An SSI beneficiary receives monthly payments on the first of every month, and the payment amounts vary up to a maximum benefits rate. This rate may be supplemented by individual states.

In order to qualify for SSI application (Supplemental Security Income) one must meet several requirements. A person must either be 65 years of age or older or be an adult or child who is disabled or blind. Additionally, one must have limited income and resources, and be a US national or citizen or be in a designated category of non-citizen.

A person’s resources include anything that could potentially be traded in for cash. Examples of resources are cars, property, jewelry, stocks and bonds. Income will include all earned and unearned income as well as food and shelter given to a person for free or for less than market value. Also if someone lives with a spouse, the income from the spouse is counted on their SSI application.

Another factor that will affect both whether one receives benefits and how much benefits are received is one’s living arrangement. The living arrangement as defined by the Supplemental Security Income program, includes where one lives, who one lives with, and who pays for rent and expenses such as food. One can live alone in a home, have roommates, live with family, live in a shelter or be homeless and may be able to collect SSI.

However, someone who pays all of their own rent may be eligible for more income from SSI than someone who pays only part of the rent. Also, if one is responsible for buying their own food, they may receive more SSI than someone who has their expenses paid for.

Each SSI case will be unique and will have to be determined on an individual basis. If you think you may qualify for the SSI program and would benefit from income simply fill out the short form on the right side of this page, or call us at 1-800-816-0822, and we’ll help you get things started.

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