Questions Doctors Will Ask Disability Applicants

by on December 7, 2016

by Brad Myler

When you are filing your disability or SSI application for Social Security benefits you will probably be asked a lot of questions and have to provide a lot of documentation. There are five basic questions that the doctors reviewing your claim will be asking you and themselves which range from your work history to your medical history and you can find a list of required and recommended documentation on your state’s Social Security website as well as many other places online.

Are You Currently Working?

One of the things that Social Security Insurance is designed to do is to help those who have worked but who can no longer do so because of disability. This does not mean that you will be disqualified if you do work, but be aware that there is a maximum monthly income for Social Security Disability.

Are You Capable of Working in Your Field?

There are many workers who have had excellent careers and have made use of their skillset in their jobs just to find out that an injury or age leaves them unable to do their job for a significant amount of time. If your condition has forced you out of a field that you have worked in during the past fifteen years then you are more likely to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are still able to work in your field, but in a significantly less intensive and paying position then your case will be considered under the criteria of current or possible maximum monthly income.

Are You Capable of Other Kinds of Work?

Sometimes there are other kinds of work that you are able to do and the Disability Determination Services, DDS, team will try to match the things you can do to the things that you would be required to do in another field. Some of the things that will be looked at include skills, experience, and any physical or educational limitations.

Is Your Condition Considered Severe and/or on the List of Disabling Impairments?

This is one of the biggest questions you will be asked when you file for Social Security Disability. In order to get Social Security Insurance benefits you will either need to be disabled or of the legal retirement age. For a disability this will usually mean that your condition is severe enough to interfere with the normal activities of your job. If this is the case then you are generally considered eligible for disability benefits as long as you meet the other requirements. This determination of severity does not apply to conditions that are on the current list of disabling impairments. This list is updated as needed and includes a list of conditions that will automatically qualify you for benefits.