Questions Doctors Will Ask Disability Applicants

Are you applying for disability benefits? Doctors will ask about your work history, medical condition, and daily limitations (walking, dressing, etc.). Be honest and detailed to strengthen your case. Consider consulting Trajector for further guidance. 

When navigating the process of filing for disability or SSI benefits, it’s crucial to understand the depth of questions doctors will ask. From your work history to the details of your medical condition, these inquiries are designed to assess your eligibility thoroughly. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of core questions and deeper inquiries that doctors might pose during your evaluation. 

Core Questions Doctors Will Ask include: 

Are You Currently Working? 

  • Social Security Disability benefits are intended to support individuals who can no longer work due to disability. While working doesn’t automatically disqualify you, there is a maximum monthly income threshold to consider.

Are You Capable of Working in Your Field? 

  • If your condition has forced you out of a job in the past fifteen years, you may be more likely to qualify for benefits. Additionally, if you can still work but in a less intensive role with lower pay, this will impact the assessment of your case.

Are you capable of doing other kinds of work? 

  • Disability Determination Services (DDS) will evaluate your ability to perform tasks in different fields based on your skills, experience, and physical or educational limitations. 

Is Your Condition Considered Severe or on the List of Disabling Impairments? 

  • To qualify for benefits, your condition must significantly interfere with your job’s everyday activities. Conditions listed as disabling impairments automatically meet this criterion. 

What Documentation Do You Need? 

  • Find a list of required and recommended documentation on your state’s Social Security website or other reputable online sources. 

Deeper Questions to Expect: 

Medical History Details: 

  • Onset and Progression: Describe when your disability first appeared and how it has progressed. 
  • Treatment History: Share details of treatments received and their effectiveness. 
  • Medications: List current medications and any side effects affecting your functionality. 
  • Test Results: Mention recent tests related to your disability and offer to provide copies. 
  • Specialist Reports: Discuss any reports from specialists treating your condition. 

Functional Limitations: 

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Explain how you manage basic tasks and if you require assistance. 
  • Pain Management: Describe chronic pain and how it affects daily activities. 
  • Mental Health: Discuss any mental health challenges and their impact on concentration and interaction. 
  • Cognitive Functioning: Share if your disability affects memory, concentration, or ability to follow instructions. 

Work Capacity Assessment: 

  • Lifting and Carrying: State the weight you can comfortably handle due to your condition. 
  • Sitting, Standing, Walking: Detail how long you can perform these activities before needing rest. 
  • Reaching and Grasping: Mention any limitations in manipulating objects or reaching. 
  • Social Interaction: Explain how your disability affects working in a team or interacting with others. 

Remember, these questions are supposed to help understand how your disability impacts your daily life and work capacity. Be honest and specific in your answers to the doctors evaluating your case.  

Seeking more details on what to expect and how to prepare? Trajector Disability is here to lend a hand. Contact us to understand your eligibility and let us guide you through the application process. 

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