Trajector Disability - Our Fee Structure

1: What is Trajector Disability’s fee?

At Trajector Disability, we charge a contingency fee. That means you don’t pay unless you win your case.

Simply stated: if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

2: How is the fee calculated?

When you sign Trajector Disability on as your representative, our fee agreement states that your fee is 25% of any past due benefits you may be entitled to, up to the fee cap amount set by federal law.

Learn more about how past due benefits, or backpay, are calculated here: 4.2 Backpay – Trajector Disability

As of May 2024, the fee cap amount that disability lawyers can receive from a successful claim is set at $7,200. This figure is subject to change as the Commissioner of Social Security will increase the fee cap as benefit pay rates increase over the years. 

3: How is the fee paid?

Your fee is withheld from any backpay you may be awarded. Rest assured: any fee Trajector Disability receives must first be approved by Social Security. The U.S. Government will deliver your withheld fee directly to Trajector Disability. (Good news! You don’t have to deal with invoices related to your fee).

4: What if I don’t receive any backpay?

If the SSA quickly approves your claim and there is no backpay to draw from, Social Security may deny the fee agreement you have signed with Trajector Disability. They may then request that we outline the hours we have spent working on your case.
This is known as a fee petition, and it’s pretty rare.

Social Security will then determine what our fee should be.  In some cases, the approved fee may be higher than the fee cap amount stated above, but, again, this is not common.

5: Are there any hidden fees?

No. We only charge the fee determined and regulated by the Social Security Administration after you’ve won your claim.

Note that Trajector Disability will cover certain costs related to obtaining medical records for your case. Don’t worry; these costs are typically small, and we do not add any service charges or processing fees to them. We simply ask that you pay us back.

Why don’t we charge these fees during the claims filing process?
Timing is incredibly important when gathering the evidence that your case needs. We’d rather not slow down by waiting for outstanding invoices to be resolved.

Need help with a claim?

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• Gather the evidence
• Submit your application
• Appeal your claim (if you are denied)

Remember, you’ll Only pay us a fee, if you win!

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