Will I lose My Disability Benefits if I move to a different state?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), moving to a different state while collecting Social Security benefits may affect a person’s benefits and eligibility. The SSA says a change in benefit amount or eligibility depends on whether an individual is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI), or payments under Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI application).

According to the SSA, moving will not affect those receiving Social Security Disability Insurance payments. The SSA does advise Individuals to contact a local Social Security office with the updated contact information because keeping address information up to date ensures that recipients continue to receive crucial correspondence regarding ongoing eligibility. Individuals can update contact information by calling a local Social Security office or online by visiting SSA.gov.

Those receiving Supplemental Security Insurance may find that their benefit checks are lower after relocating to a new state. Others may find that they are no longer eligible for the same benefits. According to the SSA, although SSI is a federal program, many states add on a small supplement to monthly federal SSI payments. If a person’s state of origin added a supplement, but their new state either adds a smaller payment or none at all, the individual may find that their monthly benefits have decreased.

According to the SSA, Social security determines eligibility for SSI with a complex formula that calculates income limits for those receiving benefits. States with no supplementary amount added will naturally have a lower monthly maximum limit. The SSA warns that in order to continue to be eligible for SSI payments, individuals may need a lower monthly income if they move to a state that does not add on a supplemental benefit at the state level.

The SSA advises individuals planning to move to another state to contact their local Social Security office or visit SSA.gov. A benefits representative should be able to help assess specific circumstances, determine income limits, and provide an estimate of the new SSI payment.

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