Can A Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You?

Those who have faithfully paid Social Security taxes and accumulated enough work credits should be able to access SSDI benefits when the need arises. In addition, accessing benefits will be possible if they face any personal injury, disability, or impairment that lasts more than a year or is life-threatening within a year. This could be a big help to the injured person and the dependents

While the Social Security Administration offers Social Security disability insurance, what if your claims are denied? What if you find it difficult to access your Social Security disability benefits? What if processing the Social Security disability benefits on your own would be too much?

Whether the claim will serve as supplemental security income or workers’ compensation, having claims rejected is a serious problem for millions. In such a case, it would be a good decision to go to a law office and consult a Social Security disability lawyer.  

What is a Social Security disability lawyer?

A Social Security disability lawyer helps clients claim SSDI benefits. Because they specialize in claims of Social Security benefits, Social Security disability lawyers are well-familiar with the ins and outs of this issue. Not just that, these disability lawyers are strongly familiar with the Social Security Administration. 

How can these lawyers help me?

Even if getting claims sounds simple, the entire process of accessing Social Security disability insurance is quite tedious and arduous. Also, dealing with all the paperwork and processes on top of hospitalization, a personal injury, and other issues can be immensely stressful. These are some reasons why a Social Security disability lawyer could be extremely helpful for you. 

A Social Security disability lawyer can help you with the following things. 

  • Process your disability benefits application. Having a disability attorney to process the initial application can increase the chances of success. The disability attorney will ensure that all the inputted information is correct and that the requirements of the Social Security Administration are all met. 
  • Serve as your communicator. A Social Security disability lawyer can legally communicate with the Social Security Administration on your behalf to ensure your claim is processed. This disability attorney can also find out if any information is lacking and supply the needed information when necessary. The disability attorney can also process an appeal to the appeals council on your behalf should your application get denied. 
  • Be your legal representative. The disability lawyer will also represent you during a disability hearing with the administrative law judge. The attorney will tell you what you should do or not do to leave a good impression before the administrative law judge. Such a lawyer will also ask all your witnesses’ questions and the expert witness. 
  • Increase your chances of approval. The prospect of getting claims honored and approved is strongly higher when a Social Security disability lawyer steps into the picture. The process will be greatly taxing and stressful when one tries to access disability insurance without legal help. You may even need to do and redo some applications. A disability attorney can simplify things for you while ensuring your claim. 

Do I need this kind of lawyer?

Suppose you or a tax-paying family member are dealing with disability due to personal injury or other disability issues. In that case, you will need the help of Social Security disability lawyers to claim your SSDI benefits. 

Instead of going through the tedious process alone (only to find out that you would need a disability lawyer to represent you before the administrative law judge), you can find a good disability lawyer from a good law firm to handle your case

How can I hire a lawyer, and how can I afford it?

There are thousands of Social Security disability lawyers from the entire US. You can check the local Social Security office and browse through their law firm, bar association, and legal aid organization listings to find one.

In most cases, the client will pay the lawyer if the claim is successful. The amount gets capped by 25% of the back pay or at $6,000. The cost depends on the agreement between the lawyer and the client; however, it must not go beyond the said ceiling. 

To hire a lawyer, you need to get in touch with them, present your case, and agree on the terms of the partnership. However, the tricky part is finding a good lawyer or firm to partner with.  

If you are looking for a credible and cost-effective law firm or service, you can partner with Trajector. 

How can Trajector help me?

We at Trajector understand that claiming SSD benefits is a problem that millions of Americans face today. Aside from dealing with personal injury and other issues on top of processing, there is the pressing problem of having claims rejected. Trajector can address that problem for you. 

Here is how we can help you deal with this problem. 

  • Provide medical evidence that is helpful for the disability process for claiming
  • Provide advocacy services to support the claims
  • Legally represent your case

Our team at Trajector Legal mainly focuses on accidents or injuries. Our coverage includes the following practice areas: 

  • RoundUp
  • 3M – Combat EarPlugs
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  • Zantac

We want to simplify things by offering you legal advice and professional services. You can avail a free case evaluation and free consultation with our Social Security disability lawyer before availing of our services. 

Contact us to claim your Social Security benefits!

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