2.2 Physical Disabilities


Nurse support person physical disability

Unfortunately, having a physical disability doesn’t automatically qualify you for benefits. The SSA evaluates a disability based on the criteria outlined in the Listing of Impairments (Blue Book listings… If it’s not immediately clear that you have a disability based on the “Blue Book” requirement, they will want to know howyour physical disability impacts your daily life. As you go through the application process, it’s important they can understand the impact of your disability.

To learn more about the specific qualifying physical disabilities, visit the SSA’s Listing of Impairments.

Just as with mental disabilities, the daily challenges of a physical disability might not always be reflected in the SSA’s Blue Book. This is where diagnoses or even notes from your treatment provider can play an important role. When you have physical impairments such as spine impairments, arthritis, cancer, HIV, carpal tunnel syndrome, heart conditions, asthma, uncontrolled diabetes, your doctors can provide their opinions on your limitations — how long you can sit in a day, how long you can stand, whether or not you would need breaks, whether or not you would be able to maintain a schedule, among other areas of functioning. 
When your disability is not automatically recognized by the SSA or is not an exact match with their listing, good medical evidence can help. 

Documentation and opinions from your doctors can help your disability to be recognized. You can learn more about this in the Medical Evidence section of the Disability Guide.

To tell the story of your disability impact on your daily life, it helps to fill out this short form –> 

Telling your complete story will help you move towards the benefits you deserve! 

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