4.1 Average Pay and Monthly Maximum


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SSDI: Payments are based on the worker’s Social Security earnings before becoming disabled.

  • The average SSDI payment was $1,489 a month in 2023
  • You can receive up to $3,822 a month in SSDI benefits.

SSI: Payments are based on need. The monthly maximum Federal amounts for 2024:

  • The monthly maximum for an SSI-eligible individual is $943.
  • The monthly maximum for SSI-eligible individual with an eligible spouse is $1,415.
  • The monthly maximum for an essential person receiving SSI benefits is $472.

This represents a 3.2% increase over 2023 payments. (Note: Some states supplement Federal SSI benefits.)

If you are receiving disability pay from multiple benefit programs, the total cannot exceed 80 percent of your previous income level.

The federal government now uses electronic transfers to pay Social Security disability benefits. Recipients can deposit the funds in checking or savings accounts. However, it isn’t necessary to open a bank account to receive SSI benefits; a prepaid debit card is available as well. Following the approval of your claim, remember there is a wait time before your benefits begin.

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